Underboard DS18

Part of the Warmis Dry Install Range

Floor finish
18mm Routed ScreedPanel
12mm UFH pipe
Structural Floor Deck
Insulation layer
Full specification


Underboard DS18 is a low profile, routed gypsum fibre panel. The Underfloor Heating panels float over a flat and even timber or solid subfloor, due to the weight of the panels it is unlikely that mechanical fixings are required.

The panels may be tiled over directly. Other floor finishes may require an additional deck of 6mm screedboard, (6mm plywood where carpet is installed) or similar when pipe loops have been installed. When using vinyl or Wood finishes, it is recommended that the you refer to the manufacturers installation requirement.

The 18mm panel height makes it suitable where there is not enough floor-to-ceiling height to allow a standard height system to be installed. Unlike other similar systems the Warmis panel incorporates return loops within the 1200 x 600mm panel design.

A floating floor is a floor which literally floats over a new or existing slab or an existing timber based structural deck. In most cases mechanical fixing is not required, we do however recommend that you check the installation requirement set out by the final floor covering manufacturer.


  • Low profile

  • Screed system


  • Dry install

  • Floating system

  • Low profile

  • Suspended system


  • Structural Strength


  • High thermal output

  • Acoustic integration

    With Acoustic Layer

  • Panel thickness


  • Minimum build up


  • Pipe diameter / Max loop length

    12mm /80 metres

  • Pipe centres


  • Weight with water & pipe no covering

    21kgs ㎡

  • Application

    Retro Fit / New Build

  • Heat pump friendly


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