Pipe & Staples 65

Part of the Warmis Screeded Range

Floor screed
Foam edge insulation
16mm UFH pipe
Foiled insulation to current building regulations
Acoustic detail (if required)
Damp proof membrane (if required)
Insulated Slab
Full specification


Pipe & Staples 65 is so called because a 65mm screed provides the best combination of heat retention and output.

Thicker screeds may be used we recommend that 90mm is the maximum as heat transfer above this thickness is far less efficient.
Our system is suitable for pre mixed pumped screed, which may provide screeds as low as 45mm please discuss this with a professional screeding company.
A Warmis screed system will provide the highest heat output of all systems, furthermore, they are the cheapest to purchase, as in most cases the pipe loops are secured to foil faced insulation and then covered with a 65mm screed, this method effectively turns the building slab into the heat emitter.


  • Low profile

  • Screed system

  • Dry install


  • Floating system

  • Low profile


  • Suspended system


  • Structural Strength

  • High thermal output

  • Acoustic integration


  • Panel thickness


  • Minimum build up


  • Pipe diameter / Max loop length

    12mm / 80 metres

  • Pipe centres


  • Weight with water & pipe no covering

    1kg m2

  • Application

    Retro Fit / New Build

  • Heat pump friendly


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