Underboard EPS35 & 50 Batten

Part of the Warmis Dry Install Range

Structural Floor Deck
Pipe 16mm
Foiled and Routed EPS
Damp proof membrane (if required)
Concrete subfloor
Full specification


The Underboard system has been designed to sit between timber battens at 400mm centres.

Manufactured from (EPS) Extruded Polystyrene Insulation, Underboard panels are faced with pre-bonded soft temper aluminium sheet; panels can be easily trimmed on-site. The panel has been designed to eliminate air gaps between the base of the floor deck and the Underboard panel, direct contact with the heat diffuser ensures good thermal transfer.

Underboard Batten is available in two thicknesses, 35mm, and 50mm for installation between battens of the same depth. Under Board panels transfer heat far more efficiently by more than 30% compared to aluminium diffuser plates making the system suitable for lower temperature heat sources. When the panels are in place the pipe is easily pressed into the channel piercing the foil, battens are notched where the pipe loop passes through battens to the next Underboard panel.

Suspended floors may be of either a joisted or battened construction both can be heated efficiently and effectively with underfloor heating. Warmis have two solutions which will provide unrivalled performance for your property, both have been designed to work well with low temperature (40°-50° C) water so they are far more energy-efficient.


  • Low profile

  • Screed system


  • Dry install

  • Floating system

  • Low profile


  • Suspended system


  • Structural Strength


  • High thermal output

  • Acoustic integration

    Bespoke Option

  • Panel thickness

    25mm, 35mm & 50mm

  • Minimum build up


  • Pipe diameter / Max loop length

    12mm/80mts – 16mm /125 mts

  • Pipe centres

    150mm & 200mm

  • Weight with water & pipe no covering

    1.5kgs ㎡ 50mm with 16mm pipe

  • Application

    Retro Fit / New Build

  • Heat pump friendly


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