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Our floating floor systems are designed to accommodate applied loads with minimum compression.

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Warmis underfloor heating systems are suitable for all floor constructions and floor finishes. Furthermore we have the expertise to design a bespoke system for your project.

When considering the type of heating system required for large multi-room projects examples can include; offices, residential units, nursing homes, schools and hospitals – underfloor heating is an ideal solution as controllability is the key to heating them efficiently.
As underfloor heating is controlled by regulating air temperature, both small and large areas are easily controlled. For example, meeting and communal areas will be affected by the body temperature of people within those areas; the more people there are, the less heat input from the heating system is required. As the thermostat detects the air temperature change, the call for heat will be reduced or turned off completely. The controlling of the time and temperature of heating in multiple room/zones from a single tablet, phone or computer provides total control such buildings.