Different Underfloor Heating Systems

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Here at Warmis, we specialise in providing design-led, high-performance underfloor heating systems. With our technical expertise, we aim to make the process of selecting the desired underfloor heating system straightforward. We currently offer Four types of Underfloor Heating Systems – Acoustic, Floating, Screeded, and Suspended.

Acoustic System

The Acoustic System has been developed to comply with Part E Building Regulations for sound absorption between floors. Although they are largely used within high-rise developments, the Warmis range is suitable for projects of all sizes where the need to ensure that sound and noise is not passed between floors. This could be for a large residential development or a large multi-storey domestic abode.

An example of one of our Acoustic Systems is the Underboard Acoustic Batten EPS35. It is crafted from plasterboard and contains a structural sub-floor layer with a 16mm UFH pipe. The Underboard Acoustic Batten EPS35 has been designed to sit between timber battens at 400mm centres.

Floating System

Warmis offers the widest range of Floating Floor systems in the marketplace. The Floating Systems we provide are suitable for both new builds and retrofit applications. All floor finishes can also be catered for, including carpet.

An example of one of our Floating Systems is the Underboard Chip22. It features a plywood finish with foil, insulation, a concrete subfloor and pipe. The Underboard Chipp22 is a 22mm thick T&G chipboard underfloor heating panel floated or mechanically fixed above a flat and even timber or solid subfloor.

Screed System

A Warmis Screed System provides the highest heat output of all systems. In addition, screed systems are the most cost-effective to purchase. As in most cases, the pipe loops are secured to foil faced insulation and then overlaid with a 65mm screed. This method effectively turns the building slab into the heat emitter.

An example of one of our Screed Systems is the System Board 65. It is a floor screed with foam edge insulation, featuring a 17mm UFH pipe, castellated panel, rigid insulation board, damp-proof membrane (if required), and a concrete sub-floor. The System Board 65 has been devised to be used within new build and refurbishment applications, castellated panels are arranged over foiled insulation forming a grid, pipe loops are then simply pushed in amongst the castellations.

Suspended System

Warmis offers two Suspended System solutions which will provide you with an unrivalled performance for your property, both have been designed to work efficiently with lower temperature heat sources such as heat pumps and standard boilers alike.

An example of one of our Suspended Systems is the Overjoist Chip22 which is crafted from plasterboard and features an L shape finish with pipe, chipboard, insulation, and joists. The Overjoist Chip22 is a chipboard low build-up structural underfloor heating system specifically designed to work best with heat pumps.


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Our Warmis Underfloor Heating Systems have been designed with ease of installation at the forefront, underfloor heating will provide your customers added comfort and controllability together with lower heating costs, furthermore, it will also add value to their home.